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Sunday, November 1, 2015
So its been a while..... I've been so busy lately working at my new school. Not to mention my courseload, the kids, and adjusting to a longer commute. BUT I have made the time today to post for Oh' Boy Fourth Grade's Currently.

My husband LOVES football! Honestly, I was never really that into it. (I hope he doesn't read this!) We watch every game that broadcasts here on the East Coast and I don't really mind it that much anymore because I get a lot of school work done.

I am LOVING seeing my fall clothes again! Oh how I missed my fall wardrobe.... Sweaters, corduroy, scarfs, oh my! Ahhh.... fall is my favorite season of the year.

Although I am happy fall is really settling it, it is almost the end of the first marking period here (uh... next week?!?!) I am almost done writing our narratives, or comments as it known is most schools. We don't have a traditional grading system, which means each student gets a rubric and a narrative report of their progress. It comes out to about one and a half pages her child. It's not too bad actually and I really get to speak about each child's progress instead of just posting an A or a B on their report cards.

I'm dying for a new winter coat by the way. I bought one a few years ago to go to Canada for Thanksgiving with my husband and it's pretty heavy duty. I want a more sleek wool coat for the winter and I have my eye on one... Just waiting for a coupon or a sale, which ever comes first.

I am procrastinating right now because I should be writing my paper for my class, but I am here writing this post. Whoops. I'm just excited because I have only a few more weeks until the end of this semester. Much needed because I am exhausted.

Lastly, did I mention that I love fall? Bring on the pumpkin spice! I'm gluten free, so I can't really eat the pie, but I can drink the coffee!


  1. I so remember the stress of writing papers for school while teaching full time! I tend to procrastinate and I tell myself my end product is better when I wait until the last minute! Ha! At least that's what I tell myself. Writing a narrative for grade sounds stressful! Good luck with both! Happy Fall. :)

  2. I love that it is sweater weather again!! My husband also watches all of the football games that we get on the west coast. I only watch when it is my home team. Good luck getting your paper done! I remember the days of procrastinating.

    My Crazy Life

  3. The hubby had football on in one room, and my daughter and I watched movies in another room. :) Good luck working on your paper!



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