Reading and Writing Goals {Pictures Included!}

Monday, November 30, 2015
I know I'm totally late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It has been a crazy month, and I even got a new student today so I have been a bit scattered. I took these photos ages ago and now I am finally getting around to putting this post up. 

I love visual goal setting. Just throwing it out there... I am a huge fan of students having flexible, attainable goals to continue to go back to when working on their ELA skills. I honestly cannot remember where I found this on Pinterest, BUT it is genius! On my Workshop board, which includes Reader's and Writer's Workshop, I have our current novel. Along with the novel cover, I have a quote from the author and a photo, and other books by the author. My students love the display and even look through the library to find other books by our current author.

As you can see, we have writing goals and reading goals. The goals themselves are flexible and change when the students have mastered them. Also, my students have their name on a pencil or a book that can be easily changed when the move onto another goal. I have a wide variety of writers and readers and this display is great because it shows that everyone has something to work on. Goals range from simple editing to adding details for writing, and fluency to annotating in reading. I also enjoy not have to swap out my bulletin board as often since these are skills we are working on long term. 

How do you track goals? Are they displayed or private? 

In other news.... I got the new Keurig 3.0 machine! It was on sale and I had to splurge. My son bent the needle in our old machine and I used it as an excuse to upgrade. Isn't it amazing?!?!? I find myself making more coffee daily, and I only had to make one pot during Thanksgiving dinner. I love the flexibility of the carafe or single cup. 

Until next time...

November Currently...

Sunday, November 1, 2015
So its been a while..... I've been so busy lately working at my new school. Not to mention my courseload, the kids, and adjusting to a longer commute. BUT I have made the time today to post for Oh' Boy Fourth Grade's Currently.

My husband LOVES football! Honestly, I was never really that into it. (I hope he doesn't read this!) We watch every game that broadcasts here on the East Coast and I don't really mind it that much anymore because I get a lot of school work done.

I am LOVING seeing my fall clothes again! Oh how I missed my fall wardrobe.... Sweaters, corduroy, scarfs, oh my! Ahhh.... fall is my favorite season of the year.

Although I am happy fall is really settling it, it is almost the end of the first marking period here (uh... next week?!?!) I am almost done writing our narratives, or comments as it known is most schools. We don't have a traditional grading system, which means each student gets a rubric and a narrative report of their progress. It comes out to about one and a half pages her child. It's not too bad actually and I really get to speak about each child's progress instead of just posting an A or a B on their report cards.

I'm dying for a new winter coat by the way. I bought one a few years ago to go to Canada for Thanksgiving with my husband and it's pretty heavy duty. I want a more sleek wool coat for the winter and I have my eye on one... Just waiting for a coupon or a sale, which ever comes first.

I am procrastinating right now because I should be writing my paper for my class, but I am here writing this post. Whoops. I'm just excited because I have only a few more weeks until the end of this semester. Much needed because I am exhausted.

Lastly, did I mention that I love fall? Bring on the pumpkin spice! I'm gluten free, so I can't really eat the pie, but I can drink the coffee!

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