Setting Goals {Math and SEL}

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In the beginning of the year, I love getting to know my students and having them flush out goals for themselves as we enter this journey together. I set personal and professional goals for myself and I find it to be a helpful strategy. I want my students to find purpose in every lesson, every activity, and every experience in my classroom. Together, we set goals for math, ELA, and SEL.

Math Goals

Every student in my class needs to set a goal for the first quarter. Even if I have high flyers who zoom through the work with 100% accuracy, they can always work on something. I gave my students a list of possible math goals, since usually they have a hard time coming up with one randomly.
I wrote this on the board:

Some of the goals were more ELA or Speaking and Listen focused, which is often overlooked in math content. Students can get the right answer and have no idea how to articulate how they came to that answer. I found a product on TpT that was almost perfect for this activity. The original can be found here. I just tweaked the formatting around a bit. Each student received a half sheet of paper and on the board was a list of possible goals. I gave a few examples as to things they could do to reach their goals just to set them on the right track.

SEL Goals
Click here to download the SEL goal setting worksheet that was mentioned in my previous post. To see a student example, click here to see that post! It was such a fun activity to do with my kids as they unpacked the school's character standards. They definitely needed some real world practice using the standards in their everyday language, and this activity was great to do! One of my students used her pencil as a microphone to interview her partner and I have to say, it was so adorable. This is an activity that will be revisited around Thanksgiving to see how far they have come, or to see if they haven't made any progress and create an action plan to get the ball rolling.

ELA Goals
After our first round of DRA2 testing, I will have students set their goals for ELA. We have already introduced some reading skills that will be tricky throughout the year, so I'm hoping they can identify one skill they would love to work on this quarter after our introductory lessons. My students LOVE to read! It really is a teacher's dream... I can't even put into words how happy it makes me to see my kids reading for pleasure and begging for a few more minutes. My goal for my students is to master transferable reading skills, and I am currently working on a goal setting sheet that works!


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