September Pick 3 Pinterest Party {Linky}

Thursday, September 3, 2015
I am linking up once again for this month's Pinterest Pick 3! I am super excited since it is the back to school season and things are very hectic. 

Let's kick this off!

This image is from Clutter-free Classroom! I have a classroom with great storage built-in and not so much bulletin board space. Ok I have four bulletin boards in my room..... but it just isn't enough for me! I have one for math, student work, reading and writing workshop, and our calendar and must-haves! I create a "bulletin board" on the wall by using this technique and it looks fantastic! It looks like it was always there.... I might use it for social studies or for fun pictures from our classroom, we shall see. 

Ok, I'm doing this ASAP! This if from A Rock Top Teacher and it's just the cutest thing for my new fourth grade kiddos. I bought neon pencils and I printed these labels along with cute little notebooks so that they can take notes of their "Must-Haves"! Locker combination, schedule, friends, map of the room (to find their seat), names of teachers, where and when is lunch, etc. My middle school is from 4th through 8th grade, so my students are brand new to the building. This will be a cute way to help them feel comfortable with the transition. 

Last, but not least....

I Love This! I plan on having a writing table/area/center space in my classroom and I love how this is set up. I want my students to have a space to not only write, but also have independent work time if needed. This is just so organized! Second Grade Sugar and Spice did such an amazing job with her classroom, definitely go and check it out!

My classroom is ALMOST done, and I want to post photos as soon as it is complete. Stay tuned! 


  1. Writing is a huge focus on my campus this year and these are some great ideas to share with my colleagues! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. Love the duck tape border and notepads! Great idea for middle schoolers~

  3. I did a similar "bulletin board" outside my classroom last year. You can never have enough space to hang up students' work.

  4. I absolutely love the Writing island Idea! Thank you so much for sharing!!!



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