My New Classroom 2015-2016! {Photos}

Sunday, September 6, 2015
Drumroll please.....

It's official September! I am thrilled to be done decorating and organizing my classroom... well as done as possible. School officially starts this week and I am excited/nervous/anxious/thrilled to meet my new kiddos!

Over the summer I found, and fell in love with, Ladybug's Teacher Files products! My classroom is practically a walking advertisement for her TpT store... Totally worth it. I picked up only three products from her store and my room is done, which I love. Labels galore!

I was lucky enough to go into my room over the summer to organize and sort through the last fourth grade teachers curriculum and supplies. If you're like me, you love seeing tons of classroom photos back to back to get a sense of the room so here you go!!

B2S Gifts 

Student Supply Boxes and Folders for each Subject (Labeled, of course)

Supply Caddy

Informational Text Library

The couch was left behind and I moved it to break up the space. I really need new pillows.

Complete with book baggies, again labeled. 

Fiction Library 

Built in storage! Yay! 

Below I will place photos of my students doing other activities (playing sports, playing an instrument, etc.)

View from the entrance.

 I don't like a lot of clutter on my desk because it makes me crazy.... Even now there is too much stuff on my desk. Below the photo of my family is Kristine Nannini's 4th Grade Morning Work! Pick it up if you want purposeful morning work for your students without all of the work of creating it daily.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my classroom photos as much as I enjoy looking through other teachers classrooms! It is always an exciting time of year and I love sharing my room with others who share the same passion for education.

Here's to an amazing 2015-2016 school year!


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