How to Introduce a New Unit with Gallery Walks {Pictures Included!}

Monday, September 21, 2015
Whenever we begin a new unit, a great way to peak students' interests is a gallery walk! I love this for ANY content, ANY unit because it is so versatile and it gets my students moving around the room.

You can choose photos, text, quotes, images, etc. and place it on anchor chart paper. {Note: make sure the paper is at eye level, I placed the paper a bit high for my kiddos and the top part was left blank.} I kept my students in their table groups to rotate around the room, however depending on the activity, you can group them by level or ability.

Round 1: The first round, I asked my students to jot down what they believe we will be learning in this unit, things that stuck out, or questions they had. I modeled on one of the posters to set the expectation not to write too big because everyone needed to respond. Each student visited all of the posters during this round and participated.

Round 2: This is really my favorite round! This time, students had to read each others' responses and either check if they agreed, starred if they were interested in the same thing, or jotted down a comment such as "I'd like to learn that too!" This forced them to interact with each other through text and have a dialogue, otherwise they would not read the other comments on the posters.

Outcome: My students are excited for this unit! They are engaged, they have questions already and they are ready to learn. We ended the lesson by going over the essential questions and vocabulary for the unit as well as the skills they will be using throughout the unit. I cannot wait to continue with this unit, I am an anthropologist at heart after all.

Early Humans Gallery Walk

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