TCRWP Reading Institute PLUS Classroom Photos!

Thursday, August 20, 2015
The last few weeks have been quit hectic! This past week, I attended the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's Reading Institute. It was a phenomenal experience to be among 1,200 educators on a mission to make all students proficient and lifelong readers.

Attending workshops and conferences always make me reevaluate my career and life choices. Where do I see myself in five years? What kind of teacher do I want to be for my students? Do I continue with my own education goals, or spend more time with my family? Maybe I should stop going to workshops......

I officially go back to work next Tuesday for New Teacher Orientation! I am actually thrilled to go back to work.... is that bad? I'm starting a new job at a new school and every experience I've had so far is like a dream. Last year was so difficult that I really considered leaving the profession. I had that thought, "If this is teaching, than maybe I'm not cut out for it". Although I haven't started the school year officially, I've attended several workshops and professional development opportunities and each one is better than the last. Everyone is happy to be there, and happy to welcome me aboard.

I have had the change to pop into my classroom a few times to organize and label. Slowly but surely, progress is happening!

These gorgeous labels, from Kristen over at Ladybug Teacher Files are really a time saver and make my classroom look too cute! The compliments have started already.

Some other things I've been working on are my bulletin boards, but it's so hard hanging that paper on your own! Luckily, yesterday I had a buddy! {Thank you Ms. Robinson} 

Aren't they cute! Plain and not finished, but so cute! The top one is right when you walk in, so announcements, lunch menu and the calendar will go here.
The second board is for student work. It will be my Wall of Awesomeness! Can't wait to finish it....

I also took my family to the Renaissance Faire in New York and it was so amazing, we will definitely be back next year in costume! My step son got the coolest bow and arrow, he was beyond excited. All of the kids had a marvelous time, and the food was so delicious!

I've had a very excited last few weeks, but the real excitement is about to begin! Can't wait for 2015-2016 school year.... It's going to be my year.


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