August Currently 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Well last month was obvious late because of my wedding {still can't believe I'm married} but this month is like the final countdown for the new school year. I go back to work in a few weeks and I'm uber excited to go to the Teachers College Reading Institute in two weeks!

I am so excited to be linking up with  Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the August Currently.... It really makes me think about how little time is left before I meet my new kiddos!

Now onto my August Currently....

It's almost like Spring cleaning when August comes around in my house... My {new} husband and I are both teachers so when the school year starts the last thing we want to do is reorganize our closet or clean out the basement. August is our time to make sure our house is relatively organized and the kids' rooms are packed with new school uniforms.
Beyonce really gets me motived to clean and file! Hubby doesn't mind it too much...

I am IN LOVE with the Numbered Label set from Ladybug's Teacher Files! It really saves me so much time and energy which is my sanity really..... I can get everything ready to go without knowing how many students I have {which I don't know} or names {really, no idea}.  I mean I could have made a few labels myself but this set is so well done with coordinating clip art for subjects that I broke down and picked it up!

I will be using the pink plastic folders {Big Lots .50} for the homework folders since they are more durable and I love the cute binder clip art!

I will be using the blue folders for my math folders and its pretty clear with the calculator clip art!

So my son decided that syrup goes on the couch..... Does anyone know how to get syrup stains out of a fabric couch???? Terrible twos were nothing compared to tantrum threes....

I desperately want the GBC ProClick Desktop Binding Machine because what teacher doesn't like new ways to organize!!! This really gets me excited because I just downloaded Kristine's {Young Teacher Love4th Grade Morning Work and I would love to make Morning Work books for my new kiddos. I want to put them together now, in August, and bam! I have Morning Work for the whole year... Ahh the dream....

I purchased a few new books bins and baskets for my classroom from Really Good Stuff..... and it still hasn't shipped yet. I can't wait to get them in so I can label them and finish up my classroom....

For my B2S RAK, I found A LOT of blue folders.... Enough for my entire team and I love helping out a fellow coworker {especially when I'm the new teacher} I will be starting at a new school this year and I am sooo nervous! I'm the new kid on a very established team and I want to make a good impression. Folders is just the beginning......

Side note:
I was able to pick up these awesome pencil boxes for .50 each at Staples! I love when they have their deals of the week because I always pick up something..... Last week they had these on sale from $2.49 to $.50 each and I picked up a bunch. I can't wait to place a label on these and fill them up with a few goodies for my kiddos....

If anyone has done the Teachers College Reading or Writing Summer Institute I would love to hear your thoughts! I am so excited to be attending this summer....


  1. I'm so thankful to hear that I am not the only one who does a spurt of "spring cleaning" in August before going back to school. This year, I'm adding crockpot dinner meal prep to my list....make a few meals and bag them up for those nights I know I'll be late and not want to cook, then dump it in the crockpot before I head out in the morning.
    Enchanting Elementary

  2. Ohhhh I might need to head over to Staples! Love a good find :) I need to find those plastic folders too! I don't even know where a Big Lots is around my house?? The paper ones never make it until the end of the year! #teacherproblems


  3. Thank you for sharing about the number labels. I was really debating whether or not to purchase this set, and now I think I will! During the B2S sale of course!


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