July Currently {Linky} and Wedding Pics!

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Ok.... I know this is totally late for my July currently BUT I just got married last week and I did not have the mind space to think about anything other than my wedding for the whole month of July. I get a free pass on that one I think.

I always loved reading these CURRENTLY posts on Oh Boy 4th Grade and I thought this would be so fun to do...

Currently I am....

Listening to the Wonder Pets.... My son is totally binging on this show right now as I try to potty train him. It soothes him somehow during this stressful process. Hey whatever works.

Loving Netflix right now! So happy I joined again because after coming back from the Dominican Republic I have been taking a vacation from my vacation. I am exhausted! Between the wedding, family, kids, and the hot sun I needed to stay in bed for a whole day.

Totally thinking about the Teachers College Summer Institute..... I enrolled in a week long institute workshop at Columbia for Reading {The Writing workshop was sooo full... I got waitlisted} and it starts in August. I'm thinking about when is the right time to start really preparing for that..... hmmm soon I think.

I got married a week ago in a beautiful resort in Puerto Plata with forty of my closest relatives in attendance. It was great to be on a family vacation but we really need some us time... alone.... so I want a long weekend away with my husband before we both go back to work next month. Oh yea, did I mention that I married a teacher.

I desperately need to wash all of the clothes from the trip.... I'm scared to unpack because that means it's really over. So many clothes!

I am an all star at relaxing...... no just kidding. BUT I want to be, if I put it out there it will happen.

My wedding was everything I had hoped for and I couldn't have wished for more love and fun.


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