July Currently {Linky} and Wedding Pics!

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Ok.... I know this is totally late for my July currently BUT I just got married last week and I did not have the mind space to think about anything other than my wedding for the whole month of July. I get a free pass on that one I think.

I always loved reading these CURRENTLY posts on Oh Boy 4th Grade and I thought this would be so fun to do...

Currently I am....

Listening to the Wonder Pets.... My son is totally binging on this show right now as I try to potty train him. It soothes him somehow during this stressful process. Hey whatever works.

Loving Netflix right now! So happy I joined again because after coming back from the Dominican Republic I have been taking a vacation from my vacation. I am exhausted! Between the wedding, family, kids, and the hot sun I needed to stay in bed for a whole day.

Totally thinking about the Teachers College Summer Institute..... I enrolled in a week long institute workshop at Columbia for Reading {The Writing workshop was sooo full... I got waitlisted} and it starts in August. I'm thinking about when is the right time to start really preparing for that..... hmmm soon I think.

I got married a week ago in a beautiful resort in Puerto Plata with forty of my closest relatives in attendance. It was great to be on a family vacation but we really need some us time... alone.... so I want a long weekend away with my husband before we both go back to work next month. Oh yea, did I mention that I married a teacher.

I desperately need to wash all of the clothes from the trip.... I'm scared to unpack because that means it's really over. So many clothes!

I am an all star at relaxing...... no just kidding. BUT I want to be, if I put it out there it will happen.

My wedding was everything I had hoped for and I couldn't have wished for more love and fun.

New School... New Room.... New Everything! {Plus some Freebies}

Monday, July 6, 2015
Its been a long time since I posted, but so much has happened in the last few weeks! I attended professional development at my new school in June and it was absolutely amazing to say the least. I met so many people who I will now be working with and even got a chance to get into my new room and take some 'before' pictures. Not to mention that I am getting married in less than two weeks.... There is just a lot happening right now but on to the photos!

Currently the room looks like this....

My new fourth grade classroom was used last year by the foreign language department, which explains the current decor. I love the big windows and the built in storage! The desks will be switched out for larger desks for my kiddos and wait until you see what I have planed for those... stay tuned. 

My first project was organizing my curriculum. I was lucky enough to be given the previous fourth grade teachers' curriculum and binders and she was very organized and kept everything. There was however, an abundance of materials from units that were no longer being taught that I had to go through because we all know teachers keep everything just in case. 

Once I found what I needed, I purchased a pack of 12 one inch binders from Staples. Right now they're on sale and I picked them up here. I color code everything so my binders obviously are also color coded. 

Blue is Writing 

Orange is Social Studies

Green is Reading

Purple is Spelling

And of course I created match spines to color code my binders while they are stored away for quick and easy access.... Why do binders make me so happy I should really get that checked out. 

To download the binder covers and spines that I used, if case you have similar needs, I have that file for FREE available here. You can print and use, I prefer to print on card stock especially the spines. I know I have very unique units in the fourth grade so I created fully editable covers and spines and those can be downloaded here. 
I made the spines available in .5 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch to fit {almost} any binder you have. 

Freebie: Download the binder covers and spines I used in my classroom here.

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