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Sunday, May 3, 2015
Ahhhh the PARCC...... 

This was the first year we took the PARCC in New Jersey. My students had a pretty hard time transitioning from the NJ ASK to the PARCC on a few different levels. They liked being able to take the test on the computer at first, however once they realized they needed a mouse, headphones, papers, and the laptop on their desks all at once, they were not happy at all. Also the content was definitely more rigorous!

For those of you familiar with the PARCC, the ELA performance based task has a Literary Analysis Task {LAT}, a narrative task, and a Research Simulation Task {RST}. My students had a difficult time pulling details from multiple text in order to write their essays, so I created this simple, easy to recreate graphic organizer!

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With this graphic organizer, student identify the strategy the prompt is asking them to use. For example, compare and contrast, or author's purpose. They must also identify the main idea from each of the stories and key textual evidence from each story as well. I placed a prompt section to make sure my students restate the prompt in their own words! It also forces them to read (and write) the prompt at least one more time before they begin writing.

I LOVE this organizer for a few reasons, it allows students to organize their thoughts before they begin writing. It's pre-writing without me using the word "pre-writing" since my students DO NOT like to pre-write. They feel that it is unnecessary, I don't agree with that sentiment but this is a nice way to get them to at least stop and think before they move on to the essay portion. 
I also love it because it's easy to recreate on a plain sheet of paper, since they cannot use this during the PARCC. I often have a Do Now that includes a prompt and a plain sheet of paper, giving students five minutes to recreate the organizer and pre-write for the story. 

It is also a great graphic organizer for any multi-text writing assignment and for modifying a writing assignment. 


The main difference between the {LAT} and the {RST}, I feel, is the {LAT} contains fiction, or literature, stories and the {RST} contains nonfiction, or informational, articles. The {RST} could also contain a video, letter, or journal article. 

PARCC is now over for the 2014-2015 school year, but the earlier your students become familiar with the structure, the better. 

If you give these a try, write a comment below!


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