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Saturday, May 30, 2015
Piles of papers are a teachers worst nightmare! Using an assignment cover sheet has many advantages. I use these to quickly see who has yet to submit their work, organize my papers by assignment and class, track behavior management if necessary, or just have a handy class list at all times. These really are universal! 

I created two versions of this assignment sheet for a variety of reasons. My original version, or V1 is seen below. I like this for a single assignment as an assessment. Once I grade the assessments, I place the final score on this sheet and file away the actual assessments. I like to keep these sheets because I cannot input a grade below a 50% into our online grade book and this helps to know what students really earned on assignments, especially after you return the graded work. 

Version #1

Version #2 
This one is great when checking homework, since I teach multiple subjects. I can make sure students completed all of the sections before I check them off as 'completed'! This is also helpful because I can use one sheet and save paper on a given day when I am grading their Do Now, classwork, homework, and exit tickets. 

Here is a real copy of V1 in action! On this day, I had two students absent and I automatically know who was missing. This was taken right after my students took the assessment, and I graded the assignment later that night.

Other uses:
- Attendance
- Behavior Management Tracker
- Field Trip permission slip and money tracker
- Class List for Parents
- Substitute Teacher
- To Complete List or Reminder Sheets

I hope you get as much use out of this as I do because I honestly use multiple sheets a day, everyday! Other teachers who see my students also love these and are constantly asking me for copies. This really is one of those "Why didn't I think of this sooner?" quick tips. So simple, yet so powerful....


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