Thursday, April 30, 2015
I know it's almost the end of the school year, but my room is still intact since September! This design has some serious longevity. This took me an entire week, and that is with the help from my fiancé, stepson, two sisters, and a few of my fellow teaching friends. Phew! Imagine how long it's going to take me to pack up my classroom in a few weeks. I really do not want to think about it...

This is my fabulous classroom! It is known as the cheerfully happy room throughout the school, because everyone who walks in feels immediately filled with happiness and joy from all of the bright colors. I really don't have a theme... my theme is just bright colors everywhere! 

Here is another angle of my classroom. In this photo you can see my novel board, world maps, and my small group table. I also have a few books on display that are related to our current novel unit.


In this photo, my data board and "Wall of Awesomeness" bulletin boards are on full display! Below that, are my data bins, writing bins, curriculum binders, and modified work. 

Data Bins 
I have one folder for each students containing all of their major assessment and Common Core State Standard Sheet detailing which standards are mastered, and which still need improvement. 

Monday-Friday Magazine Bins
I teach in an inclusion classroom, and I have these for my co-teacher to place her modified handouts in for the week. 

Writing Bins
I have one bin for each of the classes I teach, and in the bin there is an awesome folder to place their writing samples in. 

Here is a close up picture of the bins!

Last angle of my classroom.... 

I have these white magazine rack from IKEA, which I love because they are so affordable. My paper collectors places the completed work in the bins that I can grade it after class. 
Each students has a red binder for their ELA work, and a green binder for social studies placed inside of their cubby. 

This is my library, which I really move this year because I have a cozy chair! This was actually in my living room until one of the legs broke up. After the initial disappointment, I took all of the legs off and placed it in my reading corder. The students love to sit here and read. I have all of my class novels on the bottom shelf, along with dictionaries and student resource books. The library is organized by genre and not reading level. 

I have bins on top to keep organized and two wispy devices. 

I found these AMAZING signs from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and if you click the link you can purchase them too! They are voice level signs and I placed them on magnets to stay on my board all year. I apologize for the ladder, but it was the only way to hang up the map of the United States. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my lovely classroom! 

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